Tuesday , 29 September 2020

2018 AMC Directory

At long last, we are excited to release the 2018 AMC Directory. Searching for the appropriate AMC to work with can be a challenging experience. Through extensive research, the Allterra Group assures that each AMC listed in the directory are currently in good standing business.

Verifying over 440 AMCs, our goal is to assist appraisers in developing new clients if they wish to engage with AMCs. Most AMC registrations on state websites offer scant information for contacting either the Chief Appraiser or Vendor Manager. We have carefully aggregated this information into what we refer to as “actionable” information.

Our efforts focused on ensuring that appraisers, in their market activities, had access to a real human. Many AMCs were not easy to find. Some did not have a website or a contact name. Through the directory, we provide both the Chief Appraiser and the Vendor Managers name, phone, and e-mail.

Engaging with an AMC can help establish a new clientele for an Appraiser. Don’t wait until business is slow to begin marketing with an AMC.  The Directory will help you know who to reach out to in your area and begin the process. Be sure to ask about their policies, procedures and explore their website.

If we were not able to locate a website or make direct contact with someone, we excluded that AMC from the directory. We may have overlooked some businesses and for that, we apologize. We have done our best to clean and verify each listing. If an AMC would like to be added to our directory, please contact Jim Morrison at jim@allterragroup.com.

Go to our Buzz store and download the AMC Directory, here, for just $79.00.



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