2020 Valuation Visionary

We are pleased to announce the Valuation Visionary award winner for 2020 is Cristy Conolly, Chief Appraiser and Senior Vice President of Quality Control and Compliance at Nationwide Appraisal Network (NAN). Each year, the Collateral Risk Network presents the award in recognition of the person who demonstrates leadership, innovation, professionalism, and one who strives to better the industry for their peers. We will be presenting the award to Cristy Conolly at Valuation 20/20 in New Orleans on March 19th.

Cristy Conolly is passionate about improving processes, quality, and compliance through education. Cristy is always looking to help appraisers and others in the valuation industry. Cristy was nominated by her peers and we are honored to recognize her as the 10th recipient of the Valuation Visionary Award.

Buzz: How did you feel when you were first told that you would be honored?

Cristy: Honestly, I was a bit shocked! I felt very grateful to be honored and supported by my peers. There are so many great minds and thought leaders that I feel privileged to know and be involved with. I’m also thrilled to represent the women of our industry with this award!

Buzz: Can we please have your history in the appraisal industry?

Cristy: I began working in the appraisal industry in the Philadelphia metro area where I became a certified residential appraiser. After working in the fee appraiser world completing appraisals for various types of clients and purposes, I moved to Florida and started working at NAN, a national AMC. At NAN, I learned a lot more about AMCs than I knew existed, including the state specific laws and regulations AMCs are subject to. I’ve been with NAN for 10 years now and love managing quality control and compliance as Chief Appraiser.

Buzz: The award highlights the person who has been actively involved with the appraisal community and helped better the industry. How do you stay involved?

Cristy: Well, I’ve been on the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board (FREAB) for the past few years and am the current Chair. That’s given me the opportunity to be involved and make a difference in my home state. NAN is also involved with the Collateral Risk Network and the Association of Appraisal Regulatory Officials (AARO), both great organizations that bring various stakeholders in the industry together for collaboration. I truly enjoy rolling up my sleeves and working with others to serve the industry.

Buzz: How do you juggle your role as Chief Appraiser at NAN with your industry involvement?

Cristy: NAN is extremely supportive of my involvement in the industry, which makes juggling both manageable. With technology allowing me to work basically anywhere with WiFi, I’m able to stay connected and work for NAN while I’m traveling to conferences, meetings, etc. As you can imagine, I don’t have a lot of free time, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I love it!

Buzz: What is your outlook for appraisers in 2020?

Cristy: I see 2020 being a good year for appraisers, provided they are open minded. The appraisal industry is ever-changing and there is so much opportunity and room for growth for anyone who is open to it. It’s an exciting time to step up, get involved, and be an active part of the industry!

Buzz: What pieces of advice would you offer someone entering the profession today? What has been one of the most valuable pieces of information that you’ve learned over the years?

Cristy: I would tell someone entering the profession today to join multiple professional organizations. It’s beneficial for appraisers to be part of groups, as it helps them be aware of industry updates and develop relationships with peers. One of the most valuable pieces of information I’ve learned is to always continue learning and growing. There is always something new we can learn, regardless of how long we’ve been here.

Thank you for answering our questions and congratulations again on your award! Have any comments or would you like to submit content of your own? Email comments@appraisalbuzz.com for more information!


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