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A few weeks ago, we made a major announcement that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will host a focus group at Valuation Expo where the discussion will be on UAD and Forms Redesign. This session is a bonus introduced first at Valuation Expo!

To encourage and inspire thought from appraisers about updating UAD and the Forms, the Allterra Team launched the “Transform the Form Survey”. Our goal was to attract the brightest and best of appraisers to participate and be a part of the process, not just learn about the changes “after the fact”.

After receiving hundreds of responses, the winners of the “Transform the Form Survey” have been selected. Congratulations to Rachel Massey, Charlene Castillo, and Jennifer Heath!

Each winner will receive a free Full Conference Pass to Valuation Expo and will participate in the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac UAD Forms Redesign Focus Group.

Congratulations to the winners and we can’t wait to see you at Valuation Expo!

Rachel Massey began in the real estate field in 1984, first in sales, then segueing full-time into appraisal in 1989. She earned her SRA designation from the Appraisal Institute in 2004 and was awarded the AI-RRS in 2014 and the IFA from the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers in 2008.

She is a member of Relocation Appraisers and Consultants (RAC), and a candidate with the ASA. Rachel has spent the majority of her appraisal career in the fee world as an independent appraiser focusing on private client needs including Relocation, divorce and estate work in the Ann Arbor market. She has also worked on staff as an appraisal manager and senior level reviewer on the post-funding side. 

Rachel writes for various appraisal publications, focusing on helping other residential appraisers with practical solutions for everyday problems and is always willing to lend a helping hand. For more information, please visit

Charlene Castillo grew up in a Real Estate/Builder family and has always had a passion for the industry. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a double major in Finance and Real Estate and it was there that her love of the appraisal side of the real estate world was born. After graduation she began her training as an appraiser. Her professional career has included assignments of both residential properties and commercial properties, including land valuation, subdivision analysis, feasibility studies and condemnation.

Charlene has worked as an independent fee appraiser in her own company, The Castillo Group, as well as for other appraisal firms, and the Pima County Department of Real Estate. Her current position is with Accurate Appraisal Management Services, where she is the Director and Chief Appraiser. In addition she continues to appraise residential properties with the Castillo Group.

Her diverse work experience has allowed her to have insight of both sides of the appraisal industry with perspectives as an appraiser and as a client. This has fueled her passion for elevating the quality of appraisal reports which is why she thinks the opportunity to provide input on the development of the coming new appraisal forms is so important.

She has been appraising since 1980 and is a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser. She is married, has 3 sons, 2.8 grandchildren and a black cat.

Jennifer Heath, SRA, AI-RRS is a certified residential appraiser.  She has been appraising on the Santa Barbara South Coast since 1993, was in the real estate & banking industries from 1986 – 1992, and also has a construction and small development background.   Although Jennifer appraises all residential properties, she specializes in appraising complex estate and luxury properties for lending, estate planning, divorce settlement, tax, litigation, trust management and construction purposes.

Jennifer is an AI-RSS designated member and is the founder of ASBA (Association of Santa Barbara Appraisers), whose mission is to enrich professional development of local appraisers by bringing in local specialists as speakers to educate active area appraisers.  As a key planning committee member for the Appraisal Institute’s Santa Barbara & Ventura Market Trends Seminar, which takes place each February, Jennifer has brought in assessors, successful residential and commercial Realtors, economists, county department managers, liability prevention attorney’s, disaster experts, etc., to discuss current local trends that affect market appeal, marketability and value.

Jennifer is committed to staying current on market data and spends time researching and verifying data to provide high quality appraisals for her clients.

If you have not yet registered for Valuation Expo, there is still time! Learn more about the #1 appraisal conference here!

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