Thursday , 28 January 2021

Are you doing Desktop or Drive-By Appraisals because of the Coronavirus?

With new guidance from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, appraisers have more options than ever when doing appraisals. When you receive one of these desktop or drive-by orders, what do you do?

Appraisal Buzz has assembled some of the leading industry experts to discuss Best Practices for Desktop and Drive-By Appraisals. We’ve got the practical “how-to’s”, as well as specific examples of what appraisers need to do to complete the appraisals. Join us for these live webinars and make sure you have all the information you need before accepting these assignments!

Mr. Murphy has an extensive background in the real estate appraisal field that began in 1978. With 40 years of experience in the field he developed a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of valuation related issues including but not limited to valuation techniques, risk management, credit policy and compliance, data integrity, and technology issues. During this time Bob held executive level positions in a financial institution, an appraisal management company, an independent appraisal company, as a sole proprietor, a government sponsored enterprise, and as a consultant. Bob’s appraisal experience specialized in high-end complex property appraisals, corporate relocation, litigation and traditional mortgage lending.

In 2016 Bob started his own company Collateral Advisors LLC which provides consulting services on a wide range of collateral valuation issues. Immediately prior to that Bob was Director, Property Valuation and Eligibility at Fannie Mae. He joined Fannie Mae in 2000 where his role as a subject matter expert aided in the development of collateral valuation policies which included automated valuation policies, appraisal report forms, while also being responsible for the implementation of special projects such as the Home Valuation Code of Conduct and its successor, Appraiser Independence Requirements. As Director, Bob was responsible for Fannie Mae’s collateral valuation and property eligibility policies which are communicated through the Selling Guide, Announcements and Lender Letters. Additional responsibilities included policies relating to the development, implementation, and training regarding the Uniform Appraisal Dataset, Uniform Collateral Data Portal, and Collateral Underwriter as well as other projects that involved collateral issues from both a practical and credit policy perspective, such as Appraiser Quality Monitoring. He also presented Fannie Mae’s collateral policies and positions to numerous industry participants and government agencies.

Bob is a former SRA and Appraisal Institute USPAP and residential appraisal course instructor.

Ernie Durbin is Chief Valuation Officer at Clarocity. As CVO, Durbin leverages the strengths of Clarocity’s technologies and develops new solutions for the valuation industry. Durbin has been instrumental to the invention of technology and methodologies that power Clarocity’s proprietary valuation products. Additionally, Durbin has leveraged his 35+ years of real estate valuation experience to expand Clarocity Valuation Services into portfolio review and due diligence. Durbin and Associates Inc. specializes in identifying and solving complex residential valuation problems in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Complex valuation services include specialized appraisals such as: relocation, review, REO, and forensic assignments.

Joshua Walitt is the principal consultant for Walitt Solutions. He provides short- and long-term consulting services related to compliance, valuation, education, review, and investigations. Clients include lending institutions, appraisers, appraisal management companies, attorneys, accountants, education providers, regulators, and others. With over 20 years of experience, Walitt’s skillset includes appraisal, banking, regulations, policy, training, licensing, audit, and enforcement. His core goal is to foster clients’ efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and growth through appropriate methodology and technology, sound reasoning and communication skills, and proper oversight.

Best Practices for Desktop Appraisals
Bob Murphy and Ernie Durbin
3/31 | 2PM EST | $49

Best Practices for Drive-By Appraisals
Bob Murphy and Josh Walitt
4/2 | 2PM EST | $49