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I provided an incorrect statistic in my past article “When You Get Notice of a State Complaint.” I said that, “In one particular busy year in Texas, roughly one in six residential appraisers were filed against with the Texas Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board.”

This statistic was incorrect. Most complaints in that year were for residential appraisers, even if the appraiser was Certified General. In 2010, there were 364 complaints in Texas. There were 2,486 Certified Residential Appraisers, so there was one complaint per 6.8 Certified Residential Appraiser. This, however, ignores General Certified, Trainees, and Licensed Residential. The following are the statistics as provided by the TALCB.

The numbers of appraisers in TX by credential for September 2010 =

Certified General (CG) – 2366
Certified Residential (CR) – 2486
Licensed Residential (LR) – 651
Provisional – 23 (LR with insufficient experience)
Trainee – 614  (not identified as residential or general)
Grand Total all credentials – 6140

(less 2366 CG = net 3774)
(and less 614 Trainees = net net 3160)

The below image contains the number of complaints by credential type for FY07- FY 16

Complaints Received FY 2007-2016
Click to view larger image

Peak = 2010 complaint volume = 364 (54 complaints were vs CG) (8 were vs Trainees)
All appraiser vs complaints = (6140/364 =) 1 per 16.9 appraisers
Only residential appraisers = (3774/310 =) 1 per 12.2 appraisers
Residential (less all trainees) = (3160/302 =) 1 per 10.5 appraisers

Click Here to view the pdf containing TALCB complaint statistics FY 2007-2016.

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Ted Whitmer
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