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ASA and NAIFA Move Forward with Merger Consideration

The American Society of Appraisers (ASA), and the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers (NAIFA), have announced that they will move forward with a Memorandum of Understanding leading to a merger. The merger will create one of the largest networks of U.S. professional real estate appraisers. The Buzz staff reached out to Jim Hirt, Chief Executive Officer of ASA, to find out more information regarding the merger.

Buzz: Can you provide our readers with some background on the American Society of Appraisers (ASA)?

Hirt: ASA is a multi-discipline society of appraisers. With nearly 5,000 members worldwide, ASA has members who practice in Business Valuation, Machine and Technical Specialties, Gems and Jewelry, Personal Property, Appraisal Review Management, and Real Property. ASA facilitates opportunities for members to network and share their knowledge with other member. ASA members receive the highest level of education programming and we support their advocacy needs.

Buzz: What is the overall desired outcome of merging with NAIFA?

Hirt: The leadership of ASA and NAIFA are always seeking opportunities to add more value to membership. They are constantly seeking new ways to meet the needs of those who have entrusted upon us to work on their behalf. This merger will accomplish both of these goals for ASA and NAIFA members.

Buzz: When will the merger take place?

Hirt: ASA and NAIFA will hold their annual member meeting in October of this year. At this meeting, members will be given the chance to vote for the merger. Upon approval, the merger will be effective July 1, 2018.

Buzz: How will this benefit ASA members?

Hirt: NAIFA brings a wealth of expertise from their membership. They also have developed some very strong education programs. ASA members will benefit from the opportunity to network and learn from NAIFA members through our networking events. ASA members will have easier access to new courses which allows them more opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge. ASA has been supporting NAIFA’s advocacy efforts for the past several years. This merger gives our members an even stronger, unified voice with legislators and regulators. We can now coordinate efforts as one organization instead of two.

Buzz: When will members be notified for the final consideration and approval?

Hirt: ASA and NAIFA will now begin educating our members on the details of the merger, the benefits of it and when they can vote. This will be done through FAQ’s and opening the lines of communication with members so their questions can be answered. When the opportunity comes in October, we expect the voters to be knowledgeable and well informed so they can make an educated decision.

Buzz: Thank you for speaking with us today regarding the merger of ASA and NAIFA. We wish the best for a smooth transition.

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