Thursday , 27 February 2020

Abigail Roberts

Abigail Roberts
Abigail Roberts is an attorney with Rumberger, Kirk & Caldwell (Miami) who practices in the areas of aviation and drone law. She counsels commercial airlines in litigation nationally and has handled numerous aviation appellate matters. More recently, her commercial aviation clients rely on her for assistance in dealing with the intricacies of drone law and litigation. She serves individual, corporate and government clients in all aspects of drone law and litigation including assistance with obtaining airspace and operational waivers under Part 107, obtaining Public Certificates of Authorization or Waiver (Public COAs), policies and procedures for drone programs and regulatory compliance. She may be reached at

The Sky is the Limit: Legal Considerations for Drone Technology in Appraisals

Without a doubt, the integration of drone technology in the appraisal industry is a game changer. Those on the leading edge of the industry have been quick to implement drone programs, amazed at the technological advantages of having their own eye-in-the-sky. In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2018-2038 Aerospace Forecast noted that real estate aerial photography is the largest use …

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