Saturday , 23 January 2021

Anthony Roveda

Anthony Roveda is EVP, Operations for Savvi Analytics. Savvi provides Hedonic Regression tools to all sectors of the real estate industry. The industry's only automated Hedonic Regression provider delivering adjustments through a deep Market Trend Analysis at 95%+ confidence levels and backed by a One Million Dollar guarantee.

A Confluence at a Crossroads

Appraisal. Appraising… Valuation technology, opinion, daily practice and an industry have just found an event horizon. The valuation industry is forever changed and the processes we thought were “wrote” have become nothing less than a fallacy. Why? Mother – or Fannie Mae, has developed Collateral Underwriter. Collateral Underwriter is a review tool with some regression technology thrown in for good …

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Defending Your Adjustments

The appraisal industry is changing…. again. Since the mortgage meltdown we’ve seen knee jerk legislation like HVCC and the massively opaque Dodd-Frank bill. Just like the S&L crisis which brought us appraiser licensing and the USPAP, appraisers seem to always end up being on the wrong side of these issues. As we know the biggest mortgage investor since the meltdown …

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