Wednesday , 20 January 2021

Bill Mohler

Bill Mohler
Bill Mohler is currently Chief Product Officer for Clarocity, a leading valuation technology and services firm serving the lending industry. With over 15 years of technology, data, and product experience, Mr Mohler plays a key role in the design and development of the proprietary products and solutions offered at Clarocity. He’s held marketing and/or product leadership positions within the real estate data and mortgage industry for over twenty years, including Acxiom, DataQuick, and Hanley Wood Market Intelligence.

You Use WHAT Browser?

Browsing Browsers There are a few things appraisers should consider when using or adopting a web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc) for work.  Not all browsers are alike.  It the early days of the world wide web, you had to know the exact name of the website you wanted to reach and enter it into the URL, but browsers made our …

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