Friday , 21 February 2020

Don Gossman

Don Gossman
Don Gossman is a certified residential appraiser with 40 years of experience. He owned his own appraisal business for 28 years, where he valued homes in the Kansas City market. He has valued nearly 20,000 homes over the span of his career, many being high value properties. In 2006, he worked with the FBI and US Attorney’s office to break up a mortgage fraud ring in Kansas City, Missouri which involved 61 properties worth 16.9 million dollars and causing losses of 6.3 million dollars. The Federal case resulted in 9 persons pleading or being found guilty. Don has served on numerous industry boards such as the Missouri Appraiser Advisory Council and the Kansas City Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. In addition, he is the author of My Client the FBI and national speaker on appraisal compliance and standards.

My Client, The FBI

Don Gossman is a certified residential appraiser in the Kansas City, Missouri market but to you, he may be known as the guy who worked with the FBI. In 2006, Don was approached by the FBI to assist them in an investigation for mortgage fraud. During Don’s involvement, he assisted in the discovery of 61 properties involved in mortgage fraud, …

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