George Mann & Eric Moskau

George Mann has a total of 29 years of valuation experience: 5 years as an independent fee appraiser, 2 years as a real estate assessor, and 22 years as a review appraiser with financial institutions. George was Chief Appraiser at two regional banks and has assisted financial institutions ranging in asset size from $50 million to over $1 trillion. George is a nationally approved instructor with the Appraisal Institute and has been teaching the Appraisal Review seminar for over ten years. George has published articles in The RMA Journal and The Appraisal Journal. Eric Moskau has been a practicing appraiser for 20 years and an MAI since 2007. Moskau graduated Loyola University Finance and Management in 1984, and studied at a graduate level in Financial Economics at the University of New Orleans in 1996.

The Appraiser Wore No Clothes – Death of a Trade

INTRODUCTION This article contains three sections – 1) A summary of statistical studies showing bias and variance in appraisals, 2) Exposing the lack of thinking and support in the appraisal trade, and 3) initial thoughts on how we eliminate the appraisal trade and move forward the Valuist© profession. Recently, I was at a conference attended by appraisers, investors, lenders, and government …

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