Saturday , 23 January 2021

Jason Vargo

Jason Vargo
Jason spent 10+ years as a Managerial Professional, ans 10+ years as an Independent Event Producer, Business Development Consultant and Musician. He is looking forward to engaging in this exciting new career path and to making a positive impact on the Appraisal Industry along with the rest of the Team at Appraisal Camp Sedona!

Through the Eyes of an Appraiser Trainee

Things are pretty wild here at Appraisal Camp-Sedona. To bring you up to speed, Appraisal Camp-Sedona offers appraisal trainees real world experience, on-the-ground case-study training, all while completing required courses for licensing and certification. We examine and study basic standards of practice, explore the importance and application of honesty, integrity and respect throughout the process, and engage with experienced professionals …

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