Friday , 27 November 2020

Julie Jones

Julie Jones
With over 16 years of diverse real estate and valuation experience, Julie spent several of those years in the field as a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser and Realtor® in North Carolina before joining Fannie Mae. While employed as a review appraiser in the Loan Quality Center, she served as a Subject Matter Expert for Collateral Underwriter®(CU™), various internal applications, and procedures. Julie now leads the broader communication and outreach strategy for Collateral Policy & Strategy – a team devoted to driving innovation in the appraisal space while effectively managing Fannie Mae’s collateral risk.

Fannie Mae Helps Build Stronger Communication

The valuation industry has many working parts, without clear communication and help from lenders, real estate agents, AMC’s and your client – the appraisal process can become very challenging. Fannie Mae is seeking to improve the profession through the Fannie Mae, Appraiser Page. The page focuses on resources that can assist the appraiser when trying to solve a problem, tutorials to …

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