Wednesday , 6 January 2021

Keith Wolf


Rabble Rousing

I was at an industry sponsored Holiday luncheon the other day. A member of our State Appraiser Coalition was giving us an update on the petition that was distributed and delivered to Fannie Mae regarding Collateral Underwriter. To paraphrase, our coalition member said: Fannie Mae called because the Illinois Appraisers are Rabble Rousing again. The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal …

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Twenty Seven (27) years ago “A Matched Pairs Analysis Program in Compliance with FHLBB Memorandum R41B/C” article was published in the January 1987 edition of the Appraisal Journal. The article topic: Regression modeling applicable to the direct sales comparison approach for matched pair sale analysis to comply with the FHLBB memorandum regarding communicating a self-contained analysis in an appraisal report. …

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