Wednesday , 30 September 2020



The Future of Luxury Condos: 6 Trend-Setting Developments

Today’s luxury homebuyers are downsizing, prioritizing quality over space. Many are seeking luxury condos in great locations with eco-friendly features and top-of-the-line lifestyle amenities. Luxury condominium developers are recognizing the importance of including ‘wellness’ amenities and providing a luxury experience for their residents. New luxury condos are popping up all over the place—not just in the existing hot markets, such …

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Why Luxury Homebuyers Are Downsizing

It seems only a few short years ago that demand for large properties, mega-mansions, private estates, and luxury ranches were all the fashion. But the younger generation, especially Millennial millionaires, are shying away. Here, we look at the changing face of the luxury home market and explore why today’s luxury homebuyers are choosing to downsize. It’s not about the price …

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5 Appraisal Management Software Platforms to Organize Your Business

Organization is key to maximizing efficiency and productivity in any industry. Real estate appraisers, in particular, are always on the lookout for ways to save time and increase the number of orders they complete each month. Here are five appraisal management software platforms that can help you organize your appraisal business and keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Anow Anow’s …

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9 Green Building Materials and Techniques

Many builders and property owners are utilizing earth-friendly materials and construction techniques such as adobe, cob, rammed earth, poured earth, earth-bag, strawbale, cordwood, bamboo, and earthship. It is recommended that appraisers become familiar with these types of green building materials and techniques. 1. Adobe Adobe is moistened earth (usually a mixture of clay and sand), sometimes with straw added. It …

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Appraisal Bill Passes, Lenders Want to Eliminate DTI Cap, and Other Appraisal News

The House overwhelmingly passed the appraisal bill known as the Homebuyer Assistance Act of 2019. Alternative valuations could drive up costs for real estate consumers. A coalition calls for the elimination of the DTI requirement from QM lending rules. Some housing markets are more at risk for a downturn than others. Keep reading for the latest in appraisal industry news. …

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How to Find a Real Estate Appraisal Mentor

If you’re a licensed trainee entering the appraisal business, finding a supervisor can be a challenge. Many real estate appraisers don’t have the time to mentor a beginner. Sometimes they fear that the newcomer, once fully trained, will become a competitor. However, this is a “greying” business. Older appraisers will often want to keep the business alive, and thus will …

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Niches of Opportunity Amid Slowing Demand for Luxury Homes

David Bach, author of The Automatic Millionaire, which spent 31 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, states on his website, “The fact is, you aren’t really in the game of building wealth until you own some real estate.” This advice from a well-respected millionaire has been a commonly held belief for decades. However, there seems to be a …

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7 Ways to Get Into Real Estate Appraisal

Curious about how to get into real estate appraisal? While many appraisers got their start through a family business, there are many different ways to break into the appraisal profession. We recently asked our appraisal community, “How did you get into the appraisal business?” Here’s a recap of the myriad responses we got from real-life appraisers. 1. Family business Lots …

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