Thursday , 21 January 2021



12 Types of Expert Witness Assignments for Appraisers

There are many types of litigation where real estate appraisers can be helpful in providing evidence to the court. Many of these will require engaging the appraiser to perform an appraisal specifically for the case. Others will simply rely on a previous appraisal and call the appraiser to testify about it. Here are twelve types of expert witness assignments for …

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Do You Need a College Degree to Become an Appraiser?

Looking for a career that doesn’t necessarily require a college degree? Consider becoming a real estate appraiser. Before you jump in, you probably have questions like, “What education and training are required?” and “Do you need a college degree to get licensed?” and “How much money can you make as an appraiser?” In this post, we provide answers to these …

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Cosmetic vs. MPR Repairs: Guidance for FHA Appraisers

According to HUD Handbook 4000.1, the intended users for an FHA appraisal report are FHA and the mortgagee. FHA appraisals are not a guarantee that the property is free from defects. The appraisal establishes the value of the property for mortgage insurance purposes only. If you are appraising a property that needs some cosmetic repairs but meets FHA minimum property requirements …

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The One Business Skill Every Appraiser Needs to Master

We recently asked our appraisal community, “What ONE business skill does every appraiser need to master?” By far, the most popular answer selection was “delegation and time management.” According to real-life appraisers, several business skills are important. But time management, in particular, is essential for building a successful career in real estate appraisal. What ONE business skill does every appraiser …

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FREE Webinar: The Appraisal Foundation 2020 Q4 Update

On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, McKissock Learning is hosting a FREE one-hour, non-credit Pro-Series webinar titled “The Appraisal Foundation 2020 Q4 Update.” Participate in this Q&A session with Lisa Desmarais, Vice President, Appraisal Issues with The Appraisal Foundation (TAF). Hear about proposed changes to USPAP as well as an update on current AQB and ASB activities. Get firsthand information on …

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3 Tennessee Appraisal License Classes Now Available Online

In July 2020, the Tennessee Real Estate Appraiser Commission approved three qualifying education courses to be completed online. Basic Appraisal Principles, Basic Appraisal Procedures, and the 15-hour National USPAP Course no longer have to be completed in a live classroom. Each of these Tennessee appraisal license classes are now available online at This is great news for anyone who’s …

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How to Build a Regression Model in 8 Simple Steps

Regression is a mathematical tool used by real estate appraisers to determine the likely value, or adjustment rates, of various property characteristics and ultimately predict sale prices. Rather than relying on human opinion, listings, or previous appraisals, regression analyzes actual sales data to determine adjustment rates, assigning statistical value to characteristics such as GLA square footage, number of garages, acreage, …

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What’s New in Appraisal Membership: September 2020

McKissock’s Unlimited Learning Members enjoy 24/7 access to a wide variety of online appraisal classes, webinars, videos, podcasts, checklists, job aids, and other resources. Plus, we’re adding to our library each month so that you get the most current and relevant information to grow your real estate appraisal career. Do you already have an Unlimited Learning Membership? Here are four …

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