Wednesday , 30 September 2020



15 Costs to Consider When Starting an Appraisal Business

Thinking about starting an appraisal business? If you’re already a fully licensed and accredited real estate appraiser, chances are you have already been working with a more experienced appraiser. Perhaps you’re taking over that business because your mentor is retiring; maybe you’re relocating to another market; maybe you’re starting a competing firm. Depending on circumstances, the costs of starting an …

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What to Do After You Pass Your Appraiser Exam

Congrats! You’ve passed the National Uniform Licensing and Certification Exam, and you’re officially qualified to practice as a Licensed Residential or Certified Residential Appraiser. Now that you’ve conquered your real estate appraiser exam, where should you focus your time and energy next? Follow these six basic steps to help launch and grow your appraisal career. 1. Find an appraisal mentor …

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Promoting Your Appraisal Business on Social Media

This is a reprint from the Appraisal Buzz Blog and can be found here. Social media, whether we approve of it or not, is beginning to evolve the marketing game. From giant corporate restaurants to your local mechanic, there is almost always a Facebook page or a Twitter account dedicated to its success. Why not for your local appraisal business? Social …

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Top 3 Alternative Valuation Products Offered by Appraisers

Industry experts foresee a growing demand for alternative valuation products (AVPs) and limited scope appraisals. Last month we asked our appraisal community, “Which alternative valuation products do you offer in your business model?” A significant number of respondents (42%) reported that they do not offer any appraisal alternatives as part of their current business model. Among those who do provide …

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How to Write a Winning Real Estate Appraiser Resume

How can you make your real estate appraiser resume as impressive as it can be, if you’re an appraiser looking to be employed by a bank? How about if you’re an aspiring appraiser looking for a company that will hire you as a trainee? If you’re a seasoned appraiser looking for new hires, what are some “red flags” to look …

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The Home Worth $0 and Other Unbelievable Appraiser Stories

This article was first published in the Fall 2019 Edition of Appraisal Buzz Magazine. “In the Trenches… Appraiser Stories” is among one of the favorite sections for our readers. Appraisers share their crazy tales ranging from unexpected “guard dog” animals to testifying for murder. These were several of our favorites, and we are excited to see more for this upcoming year! …

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First Recipient of the Certified Luxury Home Appraiser Accreditation Announced

Ever since the residential appraisal threshold increase passed in November 2019, luxury homes are becoming a safe haven for appraisers. Not only are these homes typically above the new threshold ($400,000), but they are more complex to appraise, making automation difficult, if not nearly impossible. As a result of this increased need for expertise that only humans can provide, McKissock …

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Productivity Tips: How to Maximize Your Efficiency as an Appraiser

Looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity within your appraisal business? We’ve put together some of our favorite resources to turn to for productivity tips. The following list includes advice on how to stay motivated and focused, how to leverage technology, and, in general, how to squeeze the most juice out of your workday so that you can complete …

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