Saturday , 23 January 2021

Michael Brocker-Querio

Michael Brocker-Querio
Michael Brocker-Querio is the Director of Staff Appraisal Operations at Amrock. He helps create policies and maintain procedures for the company’s direct-hire staff appraisers. Through his expertise and the continuous solicitation of staff appraiser feedback, Michael provides advice and expert appraisal consultation to all areas of the valuation business. After returning home as an Army veteran, Michael was employed by leading appraisal firms to train others who were entering into the field of appraisal. He eventually went on to operate his own appraisal firm from 2003 to 2010, gaining valuable experience that has helped him grow Amrock’s industry-leading trainee program. Today, Michael aims to create a strategic vision that merges the latest technology with the dynamic experience of Amrock’s staff appraisers. A natural problem-solver, Michael’s military leadership background helps him maintain an even keel and a never-ending supply of optimism.

Bridging the Learning Gap

It is a tale as old as time, majority of appraisers do not participate in mentoring a trainee. For some appraisers, they may not know where to enroll in a mentoring program and for others, their assignments cannot be accepted by a lender if a trainee conducts it. Although the industry guidelines have changed over time for trainees, mentoring has …

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