Wednesday , 6 January 2021

Mike Foil

Mike Foil
Foil graduated from Arizona State University in December 1972 with degrees in General Business Administration and Real Estate. Then started appraising in 1973. He authored "The Appraiser's Petition" on Appraiser's Forum in the 1990's about lender pressure on appraisers. He worked rural Arizona most of his appraisal career with the last 29 years in Payson, Arizona. Foil is married, has four grown kids, and 16 grandkids. Foil is now retired as of December 2019.

An Appraiser’s Full Circle

A couple of years ago, I asked my brother who had just closed his business, “How do you know when you are done and it’s time to retire?” He answered, “When it is time, you will know.” There are considerations: health, finances, what to do, and the passion you still have for appraising. I’m turning 70 in a few months …

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