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Neal A. Kaufman

Neal A. Kaufman
After four years on active duty with the USAF as an electronics specialist maintaining highly classified Cryptographic equipment during the Vietnam War, (1969-1973), Mr. Kaufman joined the private sector as an electronics engineer for Honeywell's remote computer systems communications at the Pentagon, Washington, DC. Mr. Kaufman was selected by Honeywell, trained and promoted to communications software developer to support implementation of the ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) which developed the X.25 packet-switching networks that were the pre-cursor to the modern-day Internet. Mr. Kaufman held a high-level security clearance and access while on active duty and again as a civilian, attesting to his personal trustworthiness. After working as a software developer, Mr. Kaufman became a national technical support engineer for GTE Telenet, which eventually became the company we now know as Sprint. While at Sprint, Mr. Kaufman was the Director of the Applied Technology Center in Atlanta, GA. Mr. Kaufman returned to northern Virginia in 1992 to work for the multi-national telecommunications company, Cable & Wireless, PLC at their US headquarters located at Tyson's Corner Virginia. Mr. Kaufman was the recipient of the rare and coveted Chairman's Award for his work in developing a critical technical solution that saved the company from losing a major international client. Mr. Kaufman served as the Director of Outsourcing Services and was a key member of a negotiating team that landed a multi-million-dollar contract with another telecom company for cooperative network resource sharing. Mr. Kaufman returned to the Tampa, FL area in 1997 after accepting an offer for the position of Director of Marketing for Frame Relay & ATM Network Services with Intermedia Communications. After the industry upheaval following the collapse of the companies followed by the mergers and consolidation of many telecom service providers, Mr. Kaufman left the industry in 2001. Mr. Kaufman applied his critical thinking skills honed as a software developer and electronics engineer along with his experience in working in and around an environment where regulatory adherence was paramount and, most importantly, his high ethical and moral standards to a new career in real estate as both a sales agent for Century 21 and then as a residential real estate appraiser. Mr. Kaufman currently holds licenses in two states as a certified residential real estate appraiser and a real estate salesperson in Florida. Mr. Kaufman's attention to detail and use of mathematical analysis tools enable him to provide supportable and defendable opinions of value for residential real estate and he is now offering appraisal consulting and expert witness services to the providers of legal, accounting and other professional services in the northern Virginia area.

In Search of the Ever Elusive Predominant Value

Predominant Value

I’ve been around a long time and during my lifetime I’ve chased many elusive things like The Sandman, The Tooth Fairy, Leprechauns, The Pot-of-Gold at the End of a Rainbow, Unicorns and the The Bright Elusive Butterfly of Love (Bob Lind, 1966), but the most elusive of all things taunts me every day. I get little messages, “warnings” even, that …

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