Saturday , 23 January 2021

Norm Koenig

Norm Koenig
Norm Koenig serves as Dwellworks Director of Business Development where he is responsible for Dwellworks partnerships with its lender clients. Prior to joining Dwellworks, Koenig served as Senior Vice President of Sales at Platinum Data where he drove a five-fold increase in the number of RealView reports and helped position Platinum for acquisition by Mercury Network, one of the nation’s largest AMC software solutions. Koenig has worked in the mortgage technology field for more than 25 years.

How Process Matters Well Beyond Technology

Technology is amazing. My last three Amazon purchases were tracked, communicated, and delivered the same day I placed the orders on my smartphone. The thought of all this would have been unimaginable not that long ago. However, technology is only a part of the story. What is more important is how it is applied for it to be successful. As …

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