Saturday , 28 November 2020

Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown has been involved in the appraisal industry since 2003. Patrick started out, as all appraisers do, working as a trainee. After three years as a trainee, he earned his certified residential appraisal license and, shortly thereafter, started his own appraisal practice. He owned and operated Midwest Appraisal Solutions, LLC for three years before merging with a larger residential and commercial appraisal company, Verity Valuation, LLC, where he took on the role of Residential Director. While at Verity Valuation he oversaw a staff of trainee appraisers, completed appraisals (start to finish), developed and maintained client relationships, etc. Patrick worked to develop a high production and high quality system of order management and completion. The result was expedient delivery of high quality appraisals and, consequently, very happy clients. Patrick did a short stint as a staff appraiser for Rels Valuation from mid-2013 - early 2014. Patrick joined Valutrust Solutions, LLC in early 2014 and, within a year, assumed the role of Chief Appraiser, Director of Quality Control. As Chief Appraiser, Patrick, amongst other responsibilities and opportunities, leads a team of experienced quality control staff and in-house appraisers, interacts with client management, and assists vendors and clients with escalated matters. Patrick and his team focus on high quality service both to clients and vendors, with the intention of being part of the reason that Valutrust Solutions earns the next order and creates not only satisfied clients, but raving fans.

Appraisal Etiquette – Dotting I’s & Crossing T’s

For an appraiser, the report is the product. It is the culmination of your experience, expertise, and skills, coalescing in a multi-page work of art and science. The appraisal report, and all that goes into developing it, after all, is what your client pays for. Moreover, untold numbers of people who have the ability to affect your career and practice …

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