Tuesday , 28 January 2020

Sandra Adomatis

Sandra Adomatis
Sandra K Adomatis, SRA, LEED Green Associate, NAR Green Designee, is a national speaker on valuing high performance features. She is an active real estate appraiser, REALTOR, instructor, and course developer that brings insightful dialogue to share with real estate professionals. Her book, “Residential Green Valuation Tools,” was published by the Appraisal Institute. Sandra spearheaded the “Appraisal Institute Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum” that is being used by builders, appraisers, and energy organizations around the country. Her passion for high-performance structures is powered by her desire to see people living in healthier buildings that cost them less.

An Overview of Solar Photovoltaic Systems Characteristics

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are a common topic of discussion around the real estate industry. Understanding how to value them and assist homeowners in making a buying decision is a skill that appraisers can learn. Understanding how they work and what financial benefits they offer the property owner is crucial to a credible valuation. What is your kilowatt hour cost? …

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