Tuesday , 17 September 2019

Steve Whitby

Steve Whitby
Steve Whitby is a South Carolina Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser of 26 years covering 7 upstate counties and specializing in the more “rural to rural residential” properties. Steve is also an SEO/Digital Marketing Agent of 3 years specializing in local business SEO which includes video marketing, image optimization, Facebook Ads, and PPC. Steve can also be found at https://stevewhitbyseo.com or https://stephenpaulappraisals.com

SEO is the Name of the Game

Every industry experiences growing pains, successes, and over time learns what works best for them. While the valuation industry continues to change there are constantly new developments popping up. Software programs, new forms, forms that are no longer required, technology. But one thing that always remains consistent from industry to industry is – competition. So, how can you set yourself …

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