Saturday , 23 January 2021

Vincent Chu

Vincent Chu
Vincent Chu is the co-founder and CTO of HomeVision, a startup working to build next-generation tools and technology for appraisers and the appraisals industry. Prior to HomeVision, he was a partner at Initialized Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund, where he focused on investments in AI/ML, data analytics, and developer tools. He has held engineering roles at a variety of technology startups including Clara Lending, Twitter, and Posterous, building products serving hundreds of millions of users.

Appraising the Future: What Happens Post COVID-19

The road ahead in the appraisal industry has been shaken up by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. GSE’s are adjusting policies, appraisers have begun completing more desktop and drive-by inspections – change is happening all around us. HomeVision is a startup in the appraisal industry working to build next-generation tools and technology for appraisers. We sat down with Vincent Chu, Co-founder …

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