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Business Resolutions for the New Year

Irimar Waters, Media Director of Allterra Group

Everyone knows the classic New Year’s Resolutions – exercising, healthier eating habits, and saving more money. What about the New Year’s resolutions for your business? This is the perfect time for business owners and those who are self-employed to pause and reflect on this past year. What worked for the company? What should be changed? What is the overarching goal for this coming year? These preliminary questions will start to get you on the right track for setting your business resolutions. Below, we’ve listed a few tips in order for your company to be successful in the New Year.

Set Realistic Goals

One of the first traps that many people fall into with resolutions is that their overarching goals are oftentimes pipedreams. In order to reach your goals, they must first be attainable. An example of a pipedream resolution in appraising could be that you would like for your workload to triple in a month. For many reasons, this cannot be something that is just attained overnight. Setting smaller goals within your larger goals will allow for the necessary steps to be taken in order for it to become attainable. In this case, a smaller goal to reach would be to double the workload over the course of several months. Setting realistic goals with plans and deadlines attached to them are the perfect way to keep yourself on the right track to your bigger goals.

Stick to a Schedule

Resolutions for businesses should always include a schedule. What’s the point in setting these goals if there isn’t an outline as to when or how they should be accomplished? Setting a goal and then creating an outline will allow for the promotion of your business or services on a consistent basis. For example, a goal that you could be trying to reach is to have more customers. A schedule for the posts on your social media pages would promote your business more and eventually attract new customers. Consistency is key – it’s easy to shrug something off and say you’ll just “do it later” if it isn’t something directly impacting your day-to-day life. Holding yourself accountable to a schedule allows for you to focus on the big picture.

Invest in Yourself

Business resolutions are all about professional growth. Setting your realistic goals, sticking to a schedule, and remaining consistent all serve to improve your business and yourself. The end goal is to take time aside now to improve your future. Investing in yourself will allow for you to empower and actively develop you and your team’s professional growth. An example of this could include attending CE courses in a field that you’re interested in. You’re investing your time and money into the event and courses, but the payoff later on will be much greater. Doing something now is much better than doing nothing at all.

The New Year always promises new beginnings and changes, but only if you are willing to put in the work to maintain them. These business resolutions for the New Year are a great start to keeping your goals within reach.

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