Thursday , 21 January 2021

Affordable Housing

What You Need to Know About Appraising MH Advantage Homes

In 2018, Fannie Mae launched its MH Advantage® program to help ease the nation’s affordable housing shortage by providing financing on modern, high-quality manufactured homes. This loan program combines features, like a low down payment, with the lower price and customizable finishes of modern manufactured homes. For example, a borrower can obtain a MH Advantage loan on a qualifying manufactured …

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Where Can Techies Afford to Live?

For those who can’t afford Silicon Valley, a new report details the best tech markets that outside of California. A surprising southern town took the top spot. The post Where Can Techies Afford to Live? appeared first on

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What are the Presidential Candidates’ Views on Housing?

Ten Democratic Presidential hopefuls took the stage at the last Democratic Debate last week, and none mentioned one of the biggest issues facing the nation—the shortage of affordable homes.  In a commentary in City Lab, Diane Yentel, President of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, said there is a shortage of 7 million homes affordable … The post What are …

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