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20 Motivational Quotes for Appraisers and Small Business Owners

To achieve your goals as an appraiser or small business owner, you’re going to need to stay motivated. What business goals do you plan to pursue this year? What appraisal skills do you want to focus on improving? We’ve curated a collection of motivational quotes to help you keep your eye on the prize as you work to grow your …

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Top Appraisal Skills to Sharpen in 2021

What New Year’s goals do you have for your appraisal business? Last month we asked our community of real estate appraisers, “What appraisal skill would you most like to improve in 2021?” The top answer was “adopting new technology,” and the three runners up were “obtaining new clients,” “staying up-to-date on industry and market trends,” and “time management and efficiency.” …

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7 Benefits of Providing Appraisal Review Services

A good appraisal review requires rigorous effort, including obtaining the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience required to review. As a reviewer, sometimes you must untangle conflicting data or rework poor methodology. Review assignments can be extremely complex and exceedingly time consuming. So why would you want to offer appraisal review services as part of your business model? Here are some …

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