Appraisal Upgrade

Spotlight on Appraisal: Ad Valorem Appraisal

It’s no secret that the general public does not have a thorough understanding of the appraisal profession, even though the work of appraisers has a profound effect on people’s lives. At McKissock, we not only want to be a go-to resource for appraisers, but we want to help spread awareness about what appraisers actually do and foster a greater understanding …

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Upgrade Your Appraisal License and Earn More

Only 36% of the 97,000 state-credentialed appraisers in the United States are certified general appraisers. If you’re growing tired of appraising simple properties or you’re ready to take on more complex assignments with more income potential, it may be a good time to upgrade your appraisal license. An upgrade can give you a much-needed advantage in the local market. It …

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