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Advice for Working with Difficult Clients

Even if the bulk of your appraisals are fairly cut and dried, and require minimal interaction with a human client, any appraiser will occasionally have to work with a difficult client. The assignment might require you to work with a specialty property that is hard to appraise, or with a client who is personally disagreeable, or exceptionally exacting, or who …

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The One Thing That’s Most Often Overlooked by Appraisers

We recently asked our appraisal community, “What’s the ONE thing that is most often overlooked by appraisers?” We received a wide variety of answers ranging from big-picture oversights to specific details. The most common answer we received was “Highest and Best Use.” However, many real estate appraisers had other opinions regarding the most commonly overlooked item in an appraisal. Read …

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5 Appraisal Assignments that Raise Your Liability Risk

As a professional real estate appraiser, it is simply not possible to eliminate liability entirely. Rather, the goal is to manage your liability. You can start by being aware of the level of risk involved in different types of appraisals. Some assignments come with higher liability risk than others—whether due to the type of client, the intended users, the number …

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