Saturday , 23 January 2021

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Sales, MLO Jobs; Home Ownership, Non-QM, PPE, Sales Tools; Conventional Conforming Updates

Posted To: Pipeline Press Nearly two weeks into 2021 already? I was just getting used to saying “2020.” Now I have to add a syllable every time. “One.” There’s continued talk of companies like Finance of America , loanDepot , SoFi , and Homepoint going public, and if Caliber and AmeriHome will after delaying things in October. Many experts are …

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Rates Rising at Fastest Pace in Months

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch Mortgage rates are coming off a rough week– the roughest , in fact, since June 2020 by some measures. That’s the last time rates rose this quickly for market-driven reasons. There were a few instances of bigger moves in Aug/Sept as the new refinance fee was announced, delayed, and ultimately implemented. Either way, things aren’t …

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MBS RECAP: Things Are Getting Ugly For Bonds

Posted To: MBS Commentary Selling Spree Continues; MBS Underperforming Earlier in the day, Treasuries looked to be selling off at a slower pace versus the past few trading sessions. After sharp spikes in yields, this is the kind of pattern we tend to see before bonds find some support and undergo a friendly correction. But just after the 9:30am NYSE …

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Sales Management, MLO Jobs; Recruiting, VA IRRRL, Non-QM Products; Litigation is Expensive; HMDA Season has Begun!

Posted To: Pipeline Press Of course some found humor in last week’s riot in Washington DC. (“In light of recent events, Mexico has decided that it will pay for the wall after all. And Canada wants one as well.”) For others, as heard in these messages from Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger and Colin Powell , there is nothing to laugh about. …

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MBS Day Ahead: New Week, New Chance To Find The Next Ceiling

Posted To: MBS Commentary 0.96% was a well-established ceiling for 10yr yields in November and December. Despite numerous intraday breaks, yields only managed to close higher on Dec 4th (.969%). Every time yields moved up into the .96% zone, buyers pushed back like clockwork , even if only on a wristwatch scale. Fast forward to last week and the ceiling …

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