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What Appraisal Topics Do You Want to Dive Into This Year?

We recently asked our appraisal community, “If you could take a class on ANY appraisal topic, what would it be?” The most in-demand appraisal topics right now seem to be: 1) extracting and supporting adjustments, 2) rural residential appraising, and 3) operating an appraisal business. Here, we break down all the different topics appraisers said they’re most interested in learning …

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Opportunities Abound for Appraisers in 2020

Appraisal experts generally foresee a strong 2020 for the appraisal industry. The profession continues to evolve, and so does demand for different types of appraisal. Demand in general remains high, and an appraiser who anticipates trends—and gets out in front of them—can expect to prosper in the long run. What to watch for in the next decade Appraisers should monitor …

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