Friday , 18 September 2020

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Millions of Homeowners Unable to Repay Loans

In May, 7.3% of mortgages—including those in foreclosure—were at least 30 days late, according to CoreLogic. The cause? Reverberations of the recession on loan performance. Better late than never? Occasionally, perhaps, but when it comes to delinquent mortgages, not so much. Compared to the same point last year, that 7.3% represents a bounce of 3.7% … The post Millions of …

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Where Delinquency Rates Are Headed

A new report examines the metros where homeowners are struggling most, and lays out predictions of where delinquency levels are headed in 2021. The post Where Delinquency Rates Are Headed appeared first on DSNews.

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Record-Breaking Month for Mortgage-Backed Securities at Ginnie Mae

MBS issuances reached $70.04 billion, and the dollar amount reflects a greater number of families succeeding at homeownership. Mortgage-backed securities (MBS) issued by Ginnie Mae in July totaled a corporate-wide record of $70.04 billion. This translates to financing for more than 261,000 homeowners and renters, the agency reported. “As mortgage rates reached new all-time lows … The post Record-Breaking Month …

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Will Recent Executive Order on Evictions Protect Homeowners?

President Donald Trump on Saturday signed an executive order he said would protect Americans from eviction, along with other items. Housing advocates believe the order does not specifically prevent mass evictions. White House could do more, they say. President Trump stepped in due to a deadlock among lawmakers charged with drawing up a COVID-related stimulus … The post Will Recent …

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Avoid Appraisal Disciplinary Action with These Do’s and Don’ts

As a professional appraiser, you don’t want to have a disciplinary complaint filed against you, and you certainly don’t want to be the subject of a complaint that results in disciplinary action. So, how can you prevent these undesirable consequences? Here are several do’s and don’ts to help you avoid situations that may get you into trouble as a real …

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Pandemic Reveals Flaws in Loan Reporting; Bonds Sending a Warning

New research by dv01, a loan data agent (LDA) providing securitization reporting and analytics on consumer unsecured, mortgage, small business, and student loans, says the pandemic has revealed serious weaknesses in the reporting structure for mortgages. The company found significant numbers of unreported loan modifications and says it was these types of reporting errors during the global financial crisis (GFC) …

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