Saturday , 23 January 2021

certified luxury home appraiser

First Recipient of the Certified Luxury Home Appraiser Accreditation Announced

Ever since the residential appraisal threshold increase passed in November 2019, luxury homes are becoming a safe haven for appraisers. Not only are these homes typically above the new threshold ($400,000), but they are more complex to appraise, making automation difficult, if not nearly impossible. As a result of this increased need for expertise that only humans can provide, McKissock …

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4 Key Luxury Home Trends to Watch in 2020

The luxury segment of real estate is often described as being a minor part of the whole industry, but is readily recognized as being a major influencer in creating real estate trends and providing a barometer to changes for the industry. According to the North American Luxury Market Report by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, here are some of …

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