Wednesday , 27 January 2021

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Simplify the Complex: Don’t Miss These 3 Appraisal Math Webinars

McKissock Learning is excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a three-part series of “Appraisal Math” webinars, presented by Dr. Sam Martin. Beginning with the first session on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, these one-hour, non-credit Pro-Series webinars will focus on solving math problems similar to those found on the National Appraiser Licensing and Certification Exams. Get the tips and tactics …

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Functional Obsolescence Examples: How to Account for a Superadequacy

An overbuilt improvement or superadequacy (a type of functional obsolescence) is more probable in a luxury home than a standard home. As a luxury home becomes more unique, the costs will typically increase, which in turn shrinks the pool of available buyers and increases the likelihood of a superadequacy. Below, we break down some important information for luxury real estate …

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The Challenges with Appraising Multiple-Unit Properties

Appraising multiple-unit properties is usually more complicated than appraising single-family homes. Two-, three-, or four-unit buildings are sometimes subject to confusion when it comes to arranging a loan for purchase or refinancing. Generally, appraisers use the market approach when appraising multiple-unit properties. They will look at sales of comparable properties, typically within the past 12 months and within a 1-mile …

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