Thursday , 28 January 2021


Why Credit Scores Are Rising in Face of National Crisis

The average FICO credit score hit a record high of 711 this past July. This uptick to the score may come as a shock, especially since it has taken place several months “knee deep” amid a global pandemic, FICO representatives told CNBC Make It. Even as tens of millions of American workers are currently unemployed … The post Why Credit …

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Americans’ Credit Conditions, By State

When it comes to credit, the reverberations of COVID-19 are shaking some states more vigorously than others, according to an Annual CardRatings stae by state study. States in the best position to bear the brunt of this year’s economic uncertainty are reflected in the study. The possible upshot: households that began the year with the … The post Americans’ Credit …

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The State of Americans’ Credit Compared With Last Year

According to the latest Invest in You Survey conducted by CNBC and Acorns in Partnership with SurveyMonkey, Americas are rethinking their spending habits. Specifically, the survey shows that all across the nation, residents are tightening their purse strings and focusing on saving versus spending in every area, including their mortgage and rental payments.  Following the national survey’s in-depth … The post The State …

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Understanding the Causes of Mortgage Credit Tightening

In a new paper, Harvard Center for Housing Studies Senior Industry Fellow and Former Freddie Mac CEO Don Layton discusses the question of legitimacy surrounding tightening mortgage standards. The post Understanding the Causes of Mortgage Credit Tightening appeared first on DSNews.

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Better Predicting Mortgage Default

Credit scores alone are not enough to determine the likelihood of mortgage default. Here’s how multiple factors complicate default risk, and which metrics can serve as the best early warning signs. The post Better Predicting Mortgage Default appeared first on DSNews.

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