Thursday , 28 January 2021

expert witness testimony

12 Types of Expert Witness Assignments for Appraisers

There are many types of litigation where real estate appraisers can be helpful in providing evidence to the court. Many of these will require engaging the appraiser to perform an appraisal specifically for the case. Others will simply rely on a previous appraisal and call the appraiser to testify about it. Here are twelve types of expert witness assignments for …

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Fact Witness vs. Expert Witness: What’s the Difference?

When a real estate appraiser is called to testify in a court, it could be as one of two types of witnesses. If you are called to testify as an appraiser, it’s important to determine at the time of the request which of the two types you will be: fact witness or expert witness. One has lower liability and responsibility, …

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