Tuesday , 17 September 2019


Looking Ahead at the Industry


Is the residential appraiser doomed? Over the past 35 years that I’ve been an appraiser, I’ve heard that residential appraisers are going to be replaced within the next five years. With improved technology, the accumulation of “Big Data,” combined with changes proposed by the GSEs in the risk analysis associated with value, it seems significant changes are just around the …

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Drones Take Flight for Appraisals

Drones enhance an appraiser’s ability to inspect a property. Not only can an aerial drone show more of the property, it is also relatively inexpensive to use and can contribute to a safer working environment. Aerial drones provide easy access and viewing perspectives that are impossible to replicate from ground-based shots. Aerial inspections of a property using a drone have …

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Understanding Federally Related Transactions

What is, and isn’t, an FRT, and why does it matter? Federally Related Transactions (FRTs) are a commonly misunderstood aspect of the appraisal regulatory system. According to A White Paper on the Federal Banking Agencies’ Arbitrary and Capricious Efforts to Exempt the Vast Majority of Federal Real Estate Related Financial Transactions from Title XI of FIRREA’s Appraisal Reform, published by …

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Dealing with Difficult People – An Interview with Dustin Harris

Working with others can often times be frustrating, but when others are working against you, it’s a completely different story. Throughout the appraisal process, there are multiple people who aren’t necessarily coworkers, but directly influence everything you do. While some people are great, others, not so much. We sat down with Dustin Harris, also known as The Appraiser Coach, to …

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An Overview of Solar Photovoltaic Systems Characteristics

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are a common topic of discussion around the real estate industry. Understanding how to value them and assist homeowners in making a buying decision is a skill that appraisers can learn. Understanding how they work and what financial benefits they offer the property owner is crucial to a credible valuation. What is your kilowatt hour cost? …

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Automated Appraisals and their Risk

The Appraisal Industry is constantly changing and adapting to the current times. Like it or not, Automated Valuation Models and other alternative products are being used. These alternatives are designed to help, but there can also be risks involved. We sat down with Lima Ekram, Assistant Vice President Analyst with Moody’s Investors Service, to further discuss her paper, “Use of …

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Comprehensive Reform Is Needed to Reduce Mortgage Risk

This article was first published on Garp.org and can be found here. The conservatorships of government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — one of the last major unresolved matters of the financial crisis – have recently received heightened attention. Policymakers are now awaiting an Administration announcement on GSE reform, which many expect to feature privatization of each company. However, while releasing …

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An Interview with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Valuation Expo this fall features speakers from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – they will provide a joint update on the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) and Forms Redesign Initiative that they are working on together. We sat down with Sergio Johnson of Fannie Mae and Sean Murphy of Freddie Mac to learn more about the UAD update and what will …

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