Friday , 18 September 2020


The market is definitely maybe going to do that one thing in the future

This article was originally posted here. For additional articles by Ryan Lundquist visit his website. The market is doing great. It’s about to crash. Values are fine but they’re slowing. Actually, the “bubble” popped two months ago. Right now there are some strong opinions about real estate trends. It feels a bit manic to be honest as some say the market is …

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Labor Day – A tribute to the workers of our country

I hate to admit this, but when I was thinking about Labor Day I honestly had no idea why it is a federal holiday. For me, this day means two things: a day off work and the end of summer. But what does it really stand for? I know the history for President’s Day, Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day… but why …

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So, You Want To Be A Real Estate Appraiser

This article was originally posted here. For additional articles by Dustin Harris visit his website. On a regular basis, I receive messages from individuals who want to become real estate appraisers. After finding my website, they reach out to me – sometimes in desperation – for advice or leads to help them achieve their goals. Here is an example (used …

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New FAA rules for Drones are now in effect

Appraisers can soar to new heights with drone technology. Drones are changing the world!!! Imagine flying a remote controlled multi-rotor copter in the morning and by the afternoon producing an exact 3D-model replica that can be rotated and turned so that every angle and every side can be observed. What if you could produce aerial pictures of properties with such …

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Corporate Structure & Taxation Tips

When thinking of starting your own small business, it is critical to understand the available corporate structures, their advantages, and their unique requirements. Many entrepreneurs can successfully run a business but often face hurdles when it comes to the long list of laws and regulations related to corporate structure, taxation, and compliance. In general, the optimal corporate structure for a …

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Adjusting Loan to Value (LTV) Ratios to Reflect Value Uncertainty

Adjusting Loan to Value Ratios

It is becoming common when ordering appraisals on new loans or refinance applications to also include an AVM (automated valuation model) as these are relatively inexpensive ways to quickly audit value estimates. Aside from concerns over bias in traditional valuation based on most appraisals matching or exceeding the purchase price, value uncertainty should be another concern. Value error is conspicuously …

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Happenings in the Industry


Change is happening. In case you missed some of the hot topics being discussed this month, we have put together a quick list of comment deadlines and reports that have been released. Don’t miss out on your opportunities to provide critically needed feedback to continue the development of industry policies. Provide input to the proposed changes to appraiser requirements Thursday, …

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Does a fence need to be painted to meet FHA standards?

This article was originally posted here. For additional articles by Ryan Lundquist visit his website. Does a fence need to be painted or stained to meet FHA minimum property standards? During an FHA refinance an appraiser recently told a home owner that his fence needed paint or stain for the loan to work. Is that really true though? Let’s dig into this issue. …

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