Wednesday , 21 October 2020


Staying Out of Hot Water, an Interview with Michael Stolworthy

We’re all humans and make mistakes, but do you know any appraisers who deliberately inflate appraisals? This devious action could get them in a lot of trouble nowadays. Why would they risk their license, home and, savings? Perhaps they don’t know just how serious the government is when prosecuting such fraud. Today we speak with former Deputy Special Agent, Michael …

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Cheapest is Not Usually Bestest

I have a small, single-family rental property.  Recently, the house was vacant and in need of some flooring work. A home inspector once gave me some sage advice.  “If you aren’t familiar with the potential companies you want to hire, always get at least three bids,” he counseled, “then, go with the middle one.  That way, you do not pay …

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What You Can Expect From Us In 2016

As you may be aware of, the Allterra Group business lines serve real estate appraisers with the latest news, opportunities to learn, and numerous ways to network. As we move forward in this New Year, we would like to give our readers a preview of the exciting news, events and festivities planned. Podcast The Appraisal Buzz staff is currently developing …

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Ed Pinto and First Time Buyer Mortgage Share

Recently, The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) published an article, First-Time Buyer Mortgage Share and Mortgage Risk Indexes for December 2015. Ed Pinto joins us today from AEI with more on the findings. Buzz: For those who don’t know, can you describe your background and how you came to be affiliated with AEI. Pinto: My career in all facets of mortgage …

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Should I Show Buyers My Prelisting Appraisal?

This article was originally published HERE for more articles from Tom Horn you can visit Do buyers need to see my prelisting appraisal? I was doing a prelisting appraisal for a client this week and she asked me an interesting question I want to share with you. She wanted to know if she should show the report to buyers looking …

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Announcing the Appraisal Buzz Scavenger Hunt

I don’t know about you guys, but like a lot of folks, I get a little depressed following the holiday season. The fun atmosphere, the time of giving, all of that ends up gone in a flash. However, I find this year holds many new and amusing changes. The Allterra Group is adding some fun and games in 2016 to …

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