Friday , 25 September 2020


Regulating Real Estate Appraisers

First Came FIRREA, then Dodd-Frank. What’s the Next Wave in Oversight for Real Estate Appraisers? This article was first published in the March edition of the MReport here. For more digital magazines from the MReport visit The degree of oversight and regulation affecting the appraisal industry today got its roots as a result of the Savings and Loan (S&L) …

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An Appraisal is not THE Opinion of Value

Some of you are going to need to hang up your ego hats for this one. You know who you are. I see you hanging out on the online appraisal forums. You are the ones who do not just have an opinion, but THE opinion. Don’t worry, I will let you put it back on before I am done. As …

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The Appraiser Wore No Clothes – Death of a Trade

INTRODUCTION This article contains three sections – 1) A summary of statistical studies showing bias and variance in appraisals, 2) Exposing the lack of thinking and support in the appraisal trade, and 3) initial thoughts on how we eliminate the appraisal trade and move forward the Valuist© profession. Recently, I was at a conference attended by appraisers, investors, lenders, and government …

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Big Data, Big Promises

Appraisal 101 teaches us that appraising is part art, part science. In some cases during the boom years, appraisers might have gotten just a little too artistic. That explains, in part, why we have tremendous scrutiny today on our appraisals. In my heart of hearts I know we need to bring more science into our business practice. Other industries are …

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A New Way to Think!

The Allterra Group has recently launched a new venture, ThinkRegs. We were able to speak with Ashley Hammond, Director of Online Education, and ask her some questions about the ThinkRegs’ mission in the valuation industry. Buzz: Ashley, Tell us about and the intended audience. Ashley: We recently launched ThinkRegs to introduce webinars and compliance training to the lender and AMC …

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2015 Valuation Visionary Award Winner Announced

We are pleased to announce the Valuation Visionary award winner for 2015 is Rick Langdon of Wells Fargo Every year the Collateral Risk Network joins together to nominate and vote on the most influential mind in the appraisal industry for the year. The winner is presented with the prestigious Valuation Visionary Award. The purpose of the award is to recognize …

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