Wednesday , 30 September 2020


What Appraisers Should Know About Collateral Underwriter

Another milestone in the appraisal industry is upon us. Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter, known as “CU,” is set to change the appraisal review process at all levels. Many appraisers think that this is a step in the wrong direction and will make our jobs this much more difficult. In fact, CU will provide up to twenty alternate comps on a …

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A Letter to the Director

Letter to the Director

Network of State Appraisal Organization’s letter to FHFA Director Watt on Fannie Mae Collateral Underwriter Program For the past couple of months, members of 18  State Appraiser Coalitions have been working on drafting an unified response to Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter Program. Our letter to FHFA Director Watt briefly outlines our concerns, offers recommended solutions, as well as asking for …

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How to Turn Your Office into a Paperless Office

The Appraisal Buzz staff met up with Ernie Durbin and Bill Waltenbaugh to discuss the release of their webinar, The Paperless Office. Find out what they had to say in this in depth interview. Buzz: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about the release of your on demand webinar on The Paperless Office. Can you tell our readers …

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The Most Important Part of the Appraisal Process

Write it down. I was wrong. Wrong about the timing, for certain, but correct in predicting the trend. I thought The Home Valuation Code of Conduct was a “call to quality”. Clients would be clamoring to find competent and ethical appraisers. All of the guidance and regulations about the due diligence process point to one thing… “appraiser selection is the …

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Our New Year’s Revolution!

You may have noticed already but there has been a big change this new year. I am not just talking about the brand new joke of the day or cute kitten calendar you have just hung up in your office. The Appraisal Buzz has undergone a major facelift! Both the email newsletter and the website have been drastically redesigned based …

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Reengineering the Collateral Risk Network

While never one for New Year resolutions, I do love this time of year to reflect about where our industry has been, it’s current state and what needs to happen to move forward. This year’s reflections took me all the way back to 2003 in Orlando, Florida and the very first Valuation Expo. It was also the first informal gathering …

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A Confluence at a Crossroads

Appraisal. Appraising… Valuation technology, opinion, daily practice and an industry have just found an event horizon. The valuation industry is forever changed and the processes we thought were “wrote” have become nothing less than a fallacy. Why? Mother – or Fannie Mae, has developed Collateral Underwriter. Collateral Underwriter is a review tool with some regression technology thrown in for good …

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Help For Appraisers Worried About Collateral Underwriter

Multiple Regression Analysis and the Collateral Underwriter: MRA Is Not Your Only Option Social media has been nuts the last couple of weeks with some appraisers seemingly clamoring for more information on multiple regression analysis (MRA). So what is the big deal? Fannie Mae has decided to implement a new analytics application, Collateral Underwriter (CU), available to assist lenders in …

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