Wednesday , 27 January 2021

green home appraisal

What New Appraisal Specialty Do You Wish to Break Into?

Developing an appraisal specialty is a great way to grow your business and stay competitive in the industry. Last month we asked our appraisal community, “What new appraisal specialty or niche would you like to break into?” Below, we share the results regarding which specialty areas appraisers are most interested in pursuing. The top three answers were review appraisal, commercial …

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9 Green Building Materials and Techniques

Many builders and property owners are utilizing earth-friendly materials and construction techniques such as adobe, cob, rammed earth, poured earth, earth-bag, strawbale, cordwood, bamboo, and earthship. It is recommended that appraisers become familiar with these types of green building materials and techniques. 1. Adobe Adobe is moistened earth (usually a mixture of clay and sand), sometimes with straw added. It …

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