Thursday , 21 January 2021

housing trends

2021 Forecasted to Be a Seller’s Market

Home prices look like they will continue to rise in 2021 according to, but at a slower, more normal pace than they did in 2020. However, interest rates are slated to rise, as well, creating challenges for first-time buyers. This makes the earlier part of the year better for most buyers if they can … The post 2021 Forecasted …

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Landlords Carry Financial Stress From Tenants Missing Payments

More than one-third of landlords have not received 100% of rent payments during September, according to new data released by the Urban Institute and Avail, a property management platform. In an October survey of 1,381 landlords who own rental properties, 35.2% of respondents said they did not receive the full amount of rental payments from … The post Landlords Carry …

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Homeownership’s Essential Ties to Wealth-Building

A recent report from the experts at First American reveals the link between homeownership and wealth. The report specifically states that homeownership is a great way to build one’s wealth. Economists have long studied homeownership’s links to wealth, and have found owning a home to especially be beneficial in wealth-building in regards to low-income housing. … The post Homeownership’s Essential …

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Opportunities Abound for Appraisers in 2020

Appraisal experts generally foresee a strong 2020 for the appraisal industry. The profession continues to evolve, and so does demand for different types of appraisal. Demand in general remains high, and an appraiser who anticipates trends—and gets out in front of them—can expect to prosper in the long run. What to watch for in the next decade Appraisers should monitor …

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