Joe Biden

New Administration Reports Nominees Will ‘Build Our Economy Back’

President-elect Joe Biden on Monday officially nominated former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen as his Treasury Secretary. This is a confirmation of news reported here last week. The Yellen announcement was one of several, as Biden named multiple nominees and appointments related to the U.S. economy, reported CNBC, which quoted Biden’s prepared words: “As we get … The post New Administration …

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Here’s How President-Elect Biden Could Reshape the Housing Market

Major news outlets announced on Saturday that former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to be the president-elect. If everything goes as predicted, a Biden administration may be on the horizon–and could bring major policy changes with it.  According to an analysis from, Joe Biden would be entering the presidency during a unique time … The post Here’s How …

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Joe Biden Releases $640B Plan for Housing

Click through to read more of the former Vice Presidents and current Demoncratic presidential candidates’ plan to increase affordability and access to homes for Americans. The post Joe Biden Releases $640B Plan for Housing appeared first on DSNews.

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