restricted appraisal report

7 Key Considerations for Using a Restricted Appraisal Report

In any real estate appraisal assignment, you must use one of the two written report options outlined in USPAP: Appraisal Report or Restricted Appraisal Report. A diligent appraiser can utilize the Restricted Appraisal Report option when it makes good sense for the assignment and client. Before you take on a Restricted Appraisal Report, here are some important things to consider. …

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Checklist: What to Include in a Narrative Appraisal Report

Report writing is an essential step in the appraisal process. Want a quick breakdown of everything that belongs in a narrative appraisal report? Here’s an outline of the items that should appear in your report. Although you may not find it necessary to include every single item, you can use this as a checklist of topics to at least consider …

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