Thursday , 21 January 2021

review appraiser

What to Do When Your Appraisal Is Under Review

Residential appraisers will often—if not just about always—have their work reviewed by another appraiser. Usually, this is a routine procedure that the original appraiser barely notices. Sometimes, the review appraiser will come back with requests for extra information, or doubts, that the original appraiser might find annoying. To be sure, the reviewer’s questions might sometimes seem nit-picky, and answering them …

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6 Key Competencies for Appraisal Review Work

As a real estate appraiser, how do you know if you can credibly perform appraisal reviews? USPAP provides the review appraiser with plenty of flexibility, all grounded in ethics and competence. Competence comes with knowledge and experience, but it also requires you to possess certain skills, technology, and abilities. Here are some of the key competencies needed for appraisal review …

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7 Benefits of Providing Appraisal Review Services

A good appraisal review requires rigorous effort, including obtaining the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience required to review. As a reviewer, sometimes you must untangle conflicting data or rework poor methodology. Review assignments can be extremely complex and exceedingly time consuming. So why would you want to offer appraisal review services as part of your business model? Here are some …

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