Tuesday , 26 January 2021

sales comparison approach

Simplify the Complex: Don’t Miss These 3 Appraisal Math Webinars

McKissock Learning is excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a three-part series of “Appraisal Math” webinars, presented by Dr. Sam Martin. Beginning with the first session on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, these one-hour, non-credit Pro-Series webinars will focus on solving math problems similar to those found on the National Appraiser Licensing and Certification Exams. Get the tips and tactics …

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The Challenges with Appraising Multiple-Unit Properties

Appraising multiple-unit properties is usually more complicated than appraising single-family homes. Two-, three-, or four-unit buildings are sometimes subject to confusion when it comes to arranging a loan for purchase or refinancing. Generally, appraisers use the market approach when appraising multiple-unit properties. They will look at sales of comparable properties, typically within the past 12 months and within a 1-mile …

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Quality Adjustment Research and Methodology: The Basics

Quality and condition are not the same. Quality refers to the quality of items, materials, and construction. When making appraisal adjustments, examine the quality of your data and remember that any quality ratings in your county records or MLS are not always reliable. Here are some basic things to consider regarding quality adjustment research and methodology. Sources of data A …

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6 Tips for Appraising New Construction Homes

New construction is treated a little differently by lenders, FHA, and the GSEs. As you appraise these properties, you must take into consideration certain features and attributes that don’t necessarily apply to re-sales. It requires more work, so you want to be sure that you are charging for your effort. However, perhaps more than that, you want to be sure …

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