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Check your mailboxes, our fourth print edition of the Appraisal Buzz magazine is now available. Our goal has always been to provide real estate appraisers with valuable industry information through our free e-Newsletter and now we continue that effort with our print magazine. We hope you will find this version every bit as informative and interesting. Our current edition of the magazine has already been mailed. To ensure you receive the next issue, fill out a sign-up form.

In this edition of the magazine we take a look at the ever-changing appraisal industry and what appraisers can do to help. Here is a sneak peek at some of the articles in this edition.

Valuation Visionary
The Appraisal Buzz staff announces Alan Hummel, Chief Appraiser, Forsythe Appraisals, a First American Company, as Valuation Visionary for 2017.

Making Appraisal Reform Part of Housing Finance Reform
A new administration renews the hope for a long-awaited housing finance reform. In this article, Ed DeMarco explains how appraisers can be part of the conversation to serve the needs of a reformed housing finance system.

Improving Client Communications & Functions
Jeff Homan shares how he altered his initial process when receiving an order from a client to garner a higher level of professionalism and respect that appraisers deserve.

Aiming for Change, In the Most Magical Place
Anything can happen in the “Most Magical Place on Earth.” Join us for Valuation Expo in Orlando, FL March 18th-20th at the Caribe Royale Hotel. Many of our contributing authors will be in attendance, this is your chance to meet face to face and provide feedback directly to them.

Returning the Appraisal Industry to Its Proper Role
A Buzz interview with Edward Pinto. Are today’s appraisals fulfilling the goal of protecting all involved?

When You Get Notice of a State Complaint
What do you first? Who do you need to contact? Author Ted Whitmer provides tips on defending yourself when a complaint is filed against you.

Make Appraising Great Again
Change is always imposed upon appraisers and seldom are they consulted. So, what can appraisers do?

100 Years in the Real Estate Industry and Still Going Strong
Robert Barone shares his family’s success story and how they made it work throughout the years.

Transforming the Appraisal Process
It’s time for the model to evolve. Valuation Visionary Alan Hummel, provides the key to transforming the current appraisal process.

A special thank you goes out to all of our contributors and authors for the amazing articles. We would not be where we are today without them and we appreciate the value they contribute to this industry. We would also like to thank all of our ad sponsors. It is with their help that we are able to provide this source of valuable information to appraisers.

You can view our digital version HERE. If you would like to reserve your ad space in our next edition this coming fall, please contact Jim Morrison at or call 513-919-4700.

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