Sunday , 29 November 2020

Congress Delves into the Appraisal Industry

Regulation of the industry is what allows all parts of the appraisal process be able to put safety and soundness first. While reviewing all aspects of this industry, this hearing will delve into the solutions that surround complex topics such as De Minimus Threshold for FRTs, appraiser independence, disparities in home values in minority communities, the role of technology in appraisals, and more.

The Subcommittee on Housing, Community Development and Insurance will hold a legislative hearing titled, “What’s Your Home Worth? A Review of the Appraisal Industry” tomorrow, June 20th, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. with witnesses:

  • David S. Bunton, President of The Appraisal Foundation
  • Stephen S. Wagner Senior Appraiser of Terzo & Bologna, Inc. on behalf of the Appraisal Institute
  • Jeff Dickstein, Chief Compliance Office of Pro Teck Valuation Services on behalf of the Real Estate Valuation Advocacy Association
  • Andre Perry, David M. Rubenstein Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program, and the Brookings Institute
  • Joan N. Trice, Founder of Collateral Risk Network

While this hearing is happening tomorrow, be sure to watch it live for more information on how the Subcommittee on Housing, Community Development, and Insurance plan to tackle these complex issues.

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